Navigating Sri Lanka's Climate Challenges: Insights from Commander Amila Prasanga's Symposium Presentation

Commander Amila Prasanga, a Military Research Officer at the Institute of National Security Studies, illuminated the impact of climate challenges facing Sri Lanka during his presentation at The New Global Order's 2024 Symposium on March 2, 2024. Titled "From Island Serenity to Security Vortex: Sri Lanka's Climate Challenges in the New Security Landscape,"

Key findings from Commander Prasanga's study emphasize three crucial interventions: community resilience building, international collaboration, and proactive adaptation strategies. Recognizing these interventions as essential for mitigating climate security risks and safeguarding Sri Lanka's future, he advocated for a paradigm shift in Sri Lanka's climate security approach towards long-term resilience, regional cooperation, and addressing root causes of vulnerability. Strategic foresight, proactive adaptation, and collaborative efforts were identified as necessary for navigating the precarious trajectory posed by climate change. Further; he highlighted urgent implementation of robust measures, both domestically and internationally, is necessary to ensure Sri Lanka's stability and contribute to the broader security dynamics of the Indian Ocean region.