Guardians of the Seas: Sri Lanka's Navy and Coast Guard Leading the Battle Against Plastic Pollution

Commander Amila Prasanga, a Military Research Officer at the Institute of National Security Studies, delivered his research paper titled “Securing Maritime Environments: Collaborative Strategies in Sri Lanka's Navy and Coast Guard's Battle Against Plastic Pollution” at the International Conference on Plastics and Environmental Sustainability held on March 7th and 8th, 2024. Hosted by the Centre for Environmental and Sustainable Development of the Open University of Sri Lanka, the conference aimed to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution, considering its impacts on the environment, human health, and socioeconomics.

Cdr Amila Prasanga's presentation illuminated the collaborative strategies adopted by the Sri Lankan Navy and Coast Guard to combat coastal plastic pollution. His meticulous study highlighted the effectiveness of joint clean-up drives, technology-driven waste monitoring, and community-led recycling initiatives in significantly reducing plastic waste along Sri Lanka's coastlines.

While underscoring the success of these initiatives, he also shed light on the challenges hindering their effectiveness, including inadequate funding and logistical hurdles. His research emphasizes the critical importance of enhanced communication and resource allocation among stakeholders to overcome systemic challenges and ensure sustainable solutions for combating plastic pollution in coastal areas.